Journey of Hope
Praying with the Amazon in Advent

a prayer companion for the lighting of the advent wreath
in preparation for the Synod on the Amazon in 2019


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Sunday, December 2 marks the beginning of the Season of Advent. It is a time of hope and yearning for peace, as we anticipate the coming of Christ into our troubled history. It is a time, also, of joy and love, as we remember the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

This year, we take this journey as the worldwide Catholic Church prepares for next year’s Synod on the Amazon that seeks to examine and reimagine the Church’s way of being present in the Amazon and how to accompany and stand in solidarity with indigenous and campesino communities in the region that face many threats to their people, environment and way of life. Those of us concerned about the impacts of extractive industries on humanity and our common home also commemorate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (1948).

During this Season of Advent, the members of the Inter-religious Working Group on Extractive Industries invite you to join us on this journey of hope, particularly as we are attentive to the challenges that indigenous communities and environmental human rights defenders face throughout the world, including in the Amazon region of South America. They are the “first responders” and “protectors of creation,” like John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness, and for their courageous defense of their ancestral lands, waters and territories, they have been the targets of repression by international mining companies and governments eager to make a profit.

Download our prayer companion for the lighting of the advent wreath by clicking here.