Mar 30 2018

Today Jesus dies. His death is cruel and unjust. Our faith invites us to join Jesus’ mother and the few courageous disciplines at the foot of his cross, to mourn and to weep. The Church across the world accompanies Jesus during his passion by praying the “Stations of the Cross.”

Today, we invite you to remember that the same forces that crucified Jesus continue to crucify today. Just like Jesus, our world, God’s creation, is being crucified, piece by piece. We invite you to accompany creation during its passion by praying the “Stations of the Forest.”

As you pray, remember the words of Pope Francis: “you want to place all your suffering, and that of the thousands of victims, at the feet of Jesus Crucified, so that united to his suffering, it may be transformed into blessing and forgiveness so as to break the cycle of violence.”

Pray the “Stations of the Forest” below.